Local businesses need immediate suspension of commercial rates

Local businesses need an immediate suspension of commercial rates to help save the jobs and livelihoods of literally tens of thousands of families in Canberra.

The coronavirus isn’t just a threat to the health of so many Canberrans, it is already dramatically affecting our way of life in ways most of us thought were unimaginable.

Canberrans are losing their livelihoods as local businesses can no longer afford to employ staff and pay their bills. We must beat this. The ACT Government needs to do absolutely everything it can to save jobs which so many Canberra families depend on.

The Government cannot continue charging suffering small and family businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercial rates when families are struggling to put food on the table. Some businesses face millions of dollars in government charges.

The Government must immediately suspend commercial rates, at the very least for businesses that have ceased trading. This measure would help to keep tens of thousands of Canberrans in work and many businesses to keep their doors open.

These are extraordinarily difficult times and local businesses are doing everything they can to show kindness and compassion to their staff and tenants.

The Canberra Liberals will do whatever it takes to back families and small businesses to get through this and to get back on their feet when it’s over.