Local farmers need drought assistance

Drought assistance should be provided to struggling Canberra farmers immediately, Shadow Minister for Business Andrew Wall said.
Mr Wall is calling on the ACT government to support local farmers in the ACT by delivering a drought assistance package which matches the level of support on offer in NSW.
“Farms across NSW are being devastated by one of the worst droughts in decades. ACT farmers continue to be impacted by the same conditions, with many farming families in the ACT fighting to keep their livestock alive.
“Feed levels in paddocks across the territory are critically low and many ACT farmers have already had to freight feed in from as far as South Australia to maintain their livestock at great expense.
“The lack of adequate autumn and winter rainfall now means spring growth is unlikely
“Canberra farmers need an assistance package from the government immediately.
“In NSW, farmers are being granted subsidies to help manage the high cost of transporting fodder and water. They are also being given temporary exemptions on stock and land rates.
“While the ACT has fewer farms and farming families than NSW. The Canberra Liberals believe that a farmer this side of the NSW border should receive the same assistance as is on offer in NSW. The ACT government needs to do everything it can to help our farmers see this difficult period through.
“The ACT government should deliver drought assistance immediately, back dating measure to January 1st in line with NSW to help support our farmers their families and their livelihood,” Mr Wall concluded.