Local Shops in Canberra Deteriorating

Newly appointed Canberra Liberal MLA, Giulia Jones, will be addressing the Assembly tomorrow, Wednesday 20 March 2013, to call on the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services to explain why local shopping centres throughout Canberra have been neglected and to move a motion for the Assembly to take action in improving the maintenance of local shops.

“Our local shopping centres in Canberra are deteriorating, particularly in the areas of cleanliness, parking, access, lighting and safety,” Mrs Jones said.

Despite repeated assurances from the Labor Government that issues at local shops are being addressed, the state of many local shops in Canberra remains unsatisfactory.

“Local shops are the heart of the Canberra community. Local shops need to meet the basic needs and services required by residents in their area. Local shops provide support and a sense of community, particularly modern mothers who have so much to fit into the day. ”

“There are vacancies at local shops which leaves opportunities for graffiti and bird waste. Everyone is busy these days with work, children, and other commitments. We all rely on the local shops to help get through the week.”

“I am calling on the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services to explain why our local shops have been neglected for so long, and how, as a government, are they going to improve the maintenance of local shops.” concludes Mrs Jones.