Logjammed DA system hurts growth of Canberra

The Barr Government’s logjammed development assessment system is hurting the growth and prosperity of our City, Shadow Minister for Planning Mark Parton said.
An efficient development assessment system plays a vital role in achieving the housing and infrastructure aspirations of the ACT community.
But increasing delays to processing development applications has created a risky environment for applicants, and a stressful working environment for planning staff.
The average number of days taken to decide on a development application has increased from 62 in mid-2018 to 90 days in January 2019. The proportion of DA’s decided within specified timeframes has fallen to 30 per cent.
Mr Parton is calling on the Barr Government to make the development assessment system more efficient with increased resources, and better support for staff experiencing negative health impacts from stressful workloads.
“Everyone’s a loser under Andrew Barr’s logjammed development assessment system,” Mr Parton said.
“Staff are under immense pressure, individuals and companies face increasing risk and losses, and prospective investors are repelled from investing in the ACT.
“This hurts the growth and prosperity of Canberra.
“Canberra should be a place where people can take risks, invest and build their lives. Increasing delays to the DA process inhibits this,” Mr Parton said.