Managers responsible for toxic ambulance culture will remain: Burch

Emergency Services Minister Joy Burch has admitted the managers responsible for the toxic culture within the ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) will be charged with trying to fix the culture, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brendan Smyth said today.

When asked during question time yesterday:

Minister, given the O2C inquiry was into the toxic management culture; have the managers responsible for the culture now been charged with reforming the system?

Ms Burch stated:

…They will all have a responsibility and role in changing the ACTAS culture…

“This is a highly alarming admission from Joy Burch. I am concerned that potentially the same executives who have been identified as the source of the toxic culture, will be tasked with reforming it,” Mr Smyth said.

“Firstly Joy Burch tried to snuff the full O2C report, then claimed to be protecting ACTAS staff by trying to sweep the report under the carpet, when in fact the staff were calling to make it public.

“Secondly, Joy Burch’s response is highly biased towards its need to cover up the toxic culture in ACTAS rather than truly fixing the problem. Today’s admission, by Joy Burch amounts to a top down cover up.

“The system under ACT Labor is broken. Ambulance workers are suffering for this and the Minister has tapped the problem makers to fix themselves. No good will come from this,” Mr Smyth concluded.