Government continues to show lack of respect for volunteer firefighters


During Question Time today, Emergency Services Minister Mick Gentleman confirmed ACT volunteer firefighters are still yet to receive compensation for income lost while fighting fires during Australia’s black summer. Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Services Giulia Jones said it is simply not good enough for the ACT Government to delay any further and the volunteers are owed a sufficient explanation for the delay.

“The Federal Government first announced this funding in December and extended it to the ACT in January this year. We are now nearly five months on and the payments still haven’t been made to the six volunteers that have applied.

“It is not good enough that fire fighters who lost their incomes in January are still waiting for their compensation in June.

“The Minister is showing a lack of respect to the people that helped keep us safe during an incredibly hard fire season.

“He could have used the opportunity today to explain why the payments are yet to be made. The volunteers deserve to know why it has taken the ACT Government nearly half a year to deliver the available compensation.

“The Minister needs to get the job done just like the volunteer fighter fires did when we needed them most,” Mrs Jones concluded.