Prison methadone program mismanaged and misused


The release of a former inmate’s memoir has revealed serious allegations of the deliberate misuse and mismanagement of the methadone program at Canberra’s maximum-security jail.

“These new allegations align with what I have been hearing from sources for years and are backed up by the fact that the Alexander Maconochie Centre reports one of the highest rates of methadone use in the country,” Shadow Minister for Corrections Giulia Jones said today.

“I am regularly told that inmates are being put on the methadone program without thorough medical background checks. Once on the program they are encouraged or even pressured into taking higher doses, seemingly to keep them doped up and sedated.

“Unfortunately, the ACT Corrections Minister Shane Rattenbury has allowed such mismanagement within the AMC to continue for years without intervention.

“Too often, inmates are leaving custody with a methadone addiction that they did not come in with. This is unacceptable and needs to change.”