Minister Against Gaming and Racing taxes clubs out of existence

Shadow Gaming and Racing Minister Mark Parton is again calling for the Chief Minister to remove Gaming and Racing Minister Gordon Ramsay from any portfolio involving gaming and racing because of his “complete lack of understanding of the space” and his determination to destroy the industry.
It comes because of Mr Ramsay’s latest announcement on clubs. Mr Ramsay intends to force Canberra clubs to pay an extra percentage of their net gaming revenue to the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund, bringing their community contributions to 9 per cent per annum.
“The Minister against Gaming and Racing Minister Gordon Ramsay is hell-bent on taxing our clubs out of existence,” Mr Parton said.
“At a time when financially pressured clubs are closing their doors – Magpies at Kippax was the most recent closure just last month – Mr Ramsay has announced two new taxes on clubs in two days.
“Yesterday he announced the ‘per Gaming Machine diversification fund levy’, today Mr Ramsay is ramping up community contributions past 8 per cent.
“Between the two announcements, some clubs will be up for an additional $300,000.
“We’re over the moon that the community contributions scheme has been saved from being diverted into a centralised fund, but if the government continues to add new taxes like this, the viability of clubs is under serious threat.
“The pre-election banners in 2016 read: ‘Don’t let ACT Labor Destroy Your Local Club’. Well, that’s just what they’re doing,” Mr Parton concluded.