In response to a Question on Notice seeking evidence of breaches, the Minister responsible for Gaming and Racing has confirmed there is no record of prosecutions for offences in relation to the ACT’s greyhound welfare code. It was also confirmed there have been no breaches of the Racing Act recorded against the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, the Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing, Mark Parton said today.

“By confirming in writing that there has been no wrongdoing, the Minister has demonstrated the soundness of, and clean record for the ACT greyhound racing industry” Mr Parton said today.

“This proves Andrew Barr and his government are judging the ACT greyhound racing industry on the basis of unfounded bias and blind prejudice. The industry is not being allowed natural justice and there is a demonstrable unfairness occurring here.

“I am deeply concerned over the implications of this government’s arbitrary and unfounded attitudes for other sporting activities and industries in the ACT.

“It’s coming from the same government that wants to ban fundraising chocolates from offices, what will they ban next?

“I call on the Barr Government to reconsider the devastating measures his government is contemplating in relation to the ACT greyhound racing industry. Something is wrong with this government’s decision-making and it needs to be fixed” Mr Parton concluded.