More than 3,000 residents continue fight to save hydrotherapy pool

Member for Murrumbidgee Giulia Jones will today table a petition of 3,290 residents calling on the ACT Government to keep the Canberra Hospital hydrotherapy pool open until a suitable replacement is provided in Canberra’s south.

The petition comes after the Canberra Liberals successfully moved a motion in May on the same issue.

“Hydrotherapy is exactly the kind of health activity we need more of not less of in Canberra,” Mrs Jones said.

“The Government’s handling of this important health asset has been appalling.

“First, the Government promised it would not close the pool at the Canberra Hospital until a new pool was built at the Stromlo Leisure Centre. Then, the Government announced it would not build the new pool but would still close the Canberra Hospital pool anyway.

“After successfully moving a motion in the Assembly last month, the Government has now agreed to keep it open until a suitable alternative is provided in Canberra’s south.

“The Canberra Liberals, along with more than 3,000 petition signers, will be working to ensure that the Government sticks to its word this time.

“I thank the thousands of petitioners who have engaged in this democratic process to have their voices heard,” Mrs Jones said.