More uncertainty on buses for schools, parents and children

The Labor-Greens Government’s delays to the rollout of the new public transport network will leave
principals, parents and children without the ability to plan ahead for the 2019 school year, said
Shadow Minister for Transport Candice Burch.

“The Canberra Liberals are pleased that the Minister has finally responded to our repeated calls to
announce a start date for the new network. Unfortunately, schools, parents and children will still be
in the dark on the timetables for the new network until early March,” Ms Burch said today.

“This won’t leave schools much time to plan any changes to start and finish times to accommodate
the new network. It also won’t leave much time for schools to communicate any changes to parents
and students.

“Schools and parents will be facing even more traffic when driving kids to school becomes a more
attractive option than the uncertainty of the public transport network.

“Minister Fitzharris said she would give schools, parents and children certainty. While it is good that
we finally know the start date for the new network, the lack of timetables leaves them with more
uncertainty, more doubt, and more confusion,” Ms Burch concluded.