New accountability measure to keep animals safe from squalor, abuse

A new accountability measure proposed by the Canberra Liberals today will help keep more animals safe from squalid, abusive living conditions, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Nicole Lawder said.
Ms Lawder was pleased to present the Domestic Animals (Disqualified Keepers Register) Amendment Bill 2019 to the Assembly today.
Under the existing Domestic Animals Act 2000 a court may find that if a person is convicted or found guilty of animal cruelty or abuse, it may disqualify the person from keeping pets.
The Domestic Animals (Disqualified Keepers Register) Amendment Bill 2019 creates a private register as an accountability measure to ensure a person convicted of animal abuse adheres to the conditions of their disqualification.
“Canberrans overwhelmingly adore their animals and want to keep them safe,” Ms Lawder said.
“It always troubles me to hear reports of animals living in abusive, squalid conditions in Canberra.
“We need to ensure that there are measures in place to help keep animals safe from potential squalor and abuse. Accountability is key.
“Creating a private register of disqualified keepers will empower the community to report potential animal abuse in their neighbourhood.
“If someone suspects an animal is living in squalid, abusive conditions they can report the matter to the authority who can confirm whether the owner is a disqualified keeper.
“The private register can also act as a support measure to help prevent a harmful pattern of behaviour by disqualified keepers.
“This is a sensitive measure to help keep more animals safe from abuse, and to empower animal-loving Canberrans and agencies to act,” Ms Lawder said.