New Australian Institute of Health and Welfare figures show Canberra’s hospitals continue to worsen

The Minister for Health & Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris, now must stop misleading the community
about wait times for emergency department and elective surgery at Canberra’s hospitals, Shadow
Minister for Health Mrs Vicki Dunne said today.

“The evidence shown in the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare reports is conclusive. Not only
does Canberra have the worst performing hospitals in the country the situation is continuing to
deteriorate,” Mrs Dunne said.

“Ms Fitzharris needs to stop saying we are heading in the right direction, start admitting there are
serious problems, and roll up her sleeves to do something about it.

“A good place to start would be to fix the toxic culture in the ACT’s health system, but Ms Fitzharris’
data-gathering exercise by the independent review panel simply won’t cut it.

“Then there’s the focus on bureaucracy at the expense of service-delivery, but Ms Fitzharris’ solution
of simply splitting the department won’t make that go away.

“With a third of the ACT’s Budget spent on health, and the highest cost of care in the country, this
Labor-Greens Government has no excuse for a failing health system.

“Our hospitals should be structured and resourced to be able to deliver quality health care services.
This government has proven comprehensively it simply cannot run an efficient health system for
Canberra residents,” Mrs Dunne concluded.