New measures to improve integrity and transparency of land acquisitions

Following a series of controversial, taxpayer-funded multimillion dollar land deals under the Labor-Greens government, I am pleased to introduce new measures to help improve integrity and transparency in government land acquisitions, Leader of the Opposition Alistair Coe said today.
Today in the ACT Legislative Assembly Mr Coe will table the Land Acquisitions (Reporting Requirements) Amendment Bill 2018. The purpose of the bill is to ensure that due diligence has been applied to all government land acquisitions by making acquisition information publicly available.
Under the new measures, the Minister would need to make quarterly reports on all land acquisitions to the Assembly and the relevant committee. A statement on purchases would need to be tabled within six sitting days rather than the current requirement of 15.
“Given the Labor-Greens government hasn’t brought in transparency measures, we will,” Mr Coe said.
“There are simply too many property scandals in Canberra, many of which have been subject of public debate and investigation by the Auditor-General.
“The government’s use of public funds must always be in the public interest, but far too often revelations of multimillion dollar land deals shrouded in secrecy brings the Labor-Greens government’s financial integrity into question.
“In some instances, we have had to rely on secret tipoffs to learn of multimillion dollar government land purchases. This information should be publicly available.
“The measures I am introducing today are intended to ensure that all government land acquisitions are made with a high level of transparency, accountability and rigor.
“In the absence of Canberra’s own anti-corruption commission, this is a simple and reasonable step toward greater transparency and integrity in Canberra,” Mr Coe concluded.