New Minister, same old Labor Government

Canberra may have a new Health Minister, but revelations that construction of a key health election promise won’t begin until after the 2020 Election shows it’s the same old and disrespectful Labor Government.
The latest revelation that construction on the Surgical Procedures, Interventional Radiology and Emergency Centre will not begin until the next term of government follows a series of project failures including; blown out completion dates, logistical and budgetary bungles, and revelations that the centre would create a shortfall of bed and surgery capacity upon completion.
“This broken promise comes down to the culture of disrespect within the Labor Government,” Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne said.
“Successive Labor Health Ministers have broken commitments to renew the hospital. We now a new Health Minister and already its business as usual for Labor.
“It’s quite obvious that health is a low priority for Labor.
“Very little thought went into this key election commitment which was only announced after the Canberra Liberals announced comprehensive plans to renew The Canberra Hospital.
“Construction delays, major logistical oversights, shortfall in capacity and budgetary bungles gives strong indication that Labor wrote this policy on the back of a beer coaster for political gain.
“Our hospitals are under maximum pressure due to 18 years of neglect under Labor governments. Canberrans are paying for a world class health system. Unfortunately, the only thing Labor seems to deliver is spin and broken promises,” Mrs Dunne said.