​Labor-Greens fail to walk the walk on environment


Today’s Question Time has shown once again that Labor and the Greens are all talk and no action on the environment.

The Labor-Greens Government were asked questions today about a recent report that shows since 2013, urban vegetation in Canberra has reduced significantly from 60 per cent to 35 per cent.

Shadow Minister for Environment, Leanne Castley, said the report published by the Conservation Council and Monash University highlights Canberra as the worst-performing major city in Australia when it comes to urban vegetation decline.

“The significant reduction in urban vegetation across the ACT since 2013 has occurred under the watch of this Labor-Greens government,” Ms Castley said.

“The Parliamentary and Governing Agreement has climate change listed as the first priority for Labor and the Greens. This comes from the same government that has presided over the largest reduction in urban vegetation of any major city in Australia.

“It is clear this Labor-Greens government can talk the talk when it comes to the environment but following through with any real action is lacking.

“Greens leader, and Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction, Minister Rattenbury, who has been a part of this government since the de-greening of Canberra began, has also failed to commission a major climate change review when legislation demanded it happen last October.

“These are not the actions of a government that is serious about the environment,” Ms Castley concluded.