Historic Hall suffers from outdated infrastructure


Liberal MLA for Yerrabi James Milligan is calling on the ACT Labor-Greens Government to provide a long-term solution regarding the erosion of rear laneways in Hall Village due to inadequate stormwater drainage.

Mr Milligan said current band-aid solutions implemented by the government are clearly not working, and Hall residents are rightly fed up.

“Two years of significant wet weather, torrential rain and severe storms have exacerbated the chronic issue of inadequate stormwater drainage,” Mr Milligan said.

“The lack of stormwater drainage infrastructure has caused significant erosion to laneways, rendering them unusable to locals. This has also led to water getting into adjoining properties, resulting in mould and mildew.”

Mr Milligan said Hall residents pay some of the highest rates in Gungahlin but are being ignored by the Labor-Greens Government and are forced to suffer due to poor urban infrastructure.

“Hall residents have gone without a stormwater drainage upgrade since the sewerage system was installed in 1978 and the outdated infrastructure no longer efficiently serves the intended purpose of channelling rainwater,” Mr Milligan said.

“This longstanding issue, raised by members of the Hall community needs to be urgently addressed.

“This Labor-Greens Government is failing to provide adequate infrastructure for residence, caused by their lack of proper planning and the apparent dismissal of residents’ concerns,” Mr Milligan concluded.