Residents raise concerns about poor communication from Domestic Animal Services


Despite assurances from the Minister that the Domestic Animal Services (DAS) is adequately staffed and the recommendations from the Maxwell Review 2018 have been implemented, residents continue to raise concerns about the poor communication from DAS. The Review recommended that “DAS should review processes to ensure they are custom service focused”.

In a recent dog attack in Tuggeranong, both the person walking the dog that was attacked and a witness to the attack repeatedly tried to contact DAS about the incident and faced continued difficulty in speaking to someone about the situation and in receiving an update on the investigation.

This story follows several similar occurrences whereby residents have been unable to get information from DAS about investigations and have reportedly been told by DAS employees that they are understaffed, says Shadow Minister for City Services Nicole Lawder.

“Dog attacks and dog seizures are very distressing for all involved," Ms Lawder said.

They are distressing for the victims, the owners of the dogs, witnesses, and the dogs themselves. If DAS is understaffed, the government must step up and improve the situation at once.

“In recent months my office has been inundated with correspondence relating to dog attacks and dog seizures where the number one issue impacting residents is the lack of communication about the situation from DAS.

“If you or your dog has been a victim of a dog attack, you’re going to want updates on the investigation. If your dog has been seized for whatever reason, you’re going to want updates on the investigation.

“These are not unreasonable requests. Either the Minister is unaware of the communication issues at DAS, or he is wilfully ignoring them.

"The government must accept that there is a problem here and start working out how they’re going to fix it," Ms Lawder concluded.