Nightmare Parking At Manuka Oval

Manuka Oval has played host to two international sporting events in the past month and more are planned for the future but there is still no effective car parking plan. ACT Shadow Sport and Recreation Minister Steve Doszpot will today call on the government to develop a proper parking management plan, so that finding a car park near Manuka Oval during a big event will no longer be near impossible.

“The government was aware well in advance of the crowds that were expected to attend the recent international cricket matches at Manuka Oval, but yet no simple parking plans were put in place,” Mr Doszpot said.

“In fact the government’s only plan was to bring in additional parking inspectors to book cars that were parked contrary to current regulations.

“Whilst there were free bus services on offer, public transport is not always an option for tourists, families and residents of the area.

“Not only did patrons find parking difficult but the accessibility of food and drink was extremely limited with long queues everywhere you turned.

“I want to see the government develop a proper parking and event management plan for the area so that the problems we saw during the last two cricket matches are avoided.

“No matter what the community asks for it seems as though ACT Labor are making parking for Canberrans increasingly difficult and it’s time they started thinking about what people really want,” Mr Doszpot concluded.