No confidence in Labor Government: Canberra is the corrupt capital

The Canberra Liberals no longer have confidence in the Labor Government due to the Government’s engagement in corrupt decisions, Leader of the Opposition Alistair Coe said today.

“The Labor Government has turned Canberra into the corrupt capital,” Mr Coe said.

“The relationship between the Labor Party and parts of the Union movement has corrupted the way in which political decisions are made, business is conducted, and the future of the city determined.

“The fertile ground for corruption includes land deals, development decisions, tax waivers, gambling profits, and the awarding of government contracts.

“The Labor Government rewards the select few who conform to its agenda and vindictively shuts the door on any individual or entity that opposes it.

“Some areas where corrupt decisions have occurred include:

  • Glebe Park and the Casino;
  • The CFMEU headquarters in Dickson;
  • The Labor Party’s indirect ownership of poker machines;
  • ACT Labor’s headquarters in Braddon;
  • Procurement arrangements with Unions ACT; and
  • Woden Tradies’ car park

“The Labor Party is no longer fit to govern the Territory,” Mr Coe concluded.