Extreme and high infrastructure risks identified at The Canberra Hospital in early 2016 must be fixed with urgency and public transparency, Shadow Minister for Health Vicki Dunne said today.

The ACT Health’s Infrastructure Asset Condition Report and Minor Works Priorities prepared by AECOM Australia Pty Ltd, tabled in the Assembly today, revealed four extreme risks and 143 high risks in The Canberra Hospital’s infrastructure, including in the main switchboard where fire broke out in April this year.

“It is no wonder that the Chief Minister sought to bury this damning report with Executive Privilege,” Mrs Dunne said.

“The Chief Minister and the Health Minister can no longer hide behind plausible deniability.

“Ever since Ms Fitzharris was appointed Health Minister, she has repeatedly claimed she wasn’t told about a range of critical issues such as infrastructure risks that led to the hospital switchboard fire in April, long-standing poor data integrity and failures to complete reviews.

“The Minister needs to tell the community what she is doing to fix our decaying hospital, particularly with regard to the sub-standard switchboards and helipad.

“I am calling on the Minister to keep the Assembly informed of progress on fixing the 147 extreme and high risks that the AECOM report has identified at The Canberra Hospital.

“The minister insists that the health and safety of patients in her care are her number-one priority. It is now time for her to show the community she means it,” Mrs Dunne concluded.