Oaks Estate again neglected by ACT Labor

Today the ACT Labor government has again demonstrated its neglect of the Oaks Estate community by failing to address a lack of public transport, safety issues and basic amenities, Member for Molonglo Steve Doszpot said today.

“I called on the government to address the concerns of residents in the Legislative Assembly today but ACT Labor has dismissed them. Unfortunately this is consistent with ACT Labor’s attitude to Oaks Estate over 15 years,” Mr Doszpot said.

“There are rising levels of crime, there is increasing social disadvantage due to changing demographics and increasing isolation for public housing residents, who have no means of transport but are being directed to live in an area without affordable and accessible public transport.

“The issues affecting Oaks Estate are not new. They have been identified in successive planning studies, and each time recommendations are agreed, they appear to get conveniently shelved until the next round of consultation, community engagement and planning.

“Residents have had enough of the endless consultations and of the promises and transport reviews. It’s time for ACT Labor to face up to the obligations that good government demands,” Mr Doszpot concluded.