One In Three Buses Not On Time Under Rattenbury

Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe has highlighted that ACTION’s performance has deteriorated under Shane Rattenbury’s first year in charge, with not one performance indicator showing improvement.

“ACT Government annual reports show one in three buses aren’t running on time meaning they’re either more than a minute early or more than four minutes late,” Mr Coe said today.

“56 percent of ACTION’s customers aren’t satisfied with the bus network.

“On top of that ACTION is now subsidised to the tune of 86 percent or $109 million annually.

“Everything from the cost of the service to customer satisfaction has gone backwards as already low performance indicators fall further.

“ACT Labor and Green Minister Shane Rattenbury need to detail a plan to fix ACTION for users and get better value for Canberra taxpayers’ investment,” Mr Coe concluded.