Only the Canberra Liberals will revitalise ACT schools

Education Minister Yvette Berry’s dismissive response to the discovery of another lead contamination at a Canberra primary school is evidence that four more years of Labor will only deliver more of the same.

Shadow Minister for Education Elizabeth Lee said the Education Minister had demonstrated a clear lack of respect for our school communities and no resolve to address the issue of hazardous substances in schools despite many schools struggling with emergency partial closures to contain contaminations.

Despite the ongoing risk and disruption, this Labor-Greens Government has repeatedly failed to address the issue, even neglecting general, routine school maintenance.

“Only the Canberra Liberals have a plan to revitalise our schools and make them the best and safest learning environments,” Ms Lee said.

“The Education Minister’s limp attempt at putting out spot fires is incredibly disrespectful to parents, teachers and students who deserve better than band-aid solutions.

“Students and teachers deserve safe schools and parents deserve peace of mind that their children are safe when they’re at school.

“That’s why a Canberra Liberals Government will undertake a comprehensive audit of all ACT government schools within the first few weeks of government.

“Our plan to audit every government school will commence with a comprehensive examination of hazardous materials.

“It’s not fair to our school communities to just keep putting out spot fires. We need to get ahead of the issue to ensure our schools are the best and safest learning environments in the country,” Ms Lee said.