Opposition moves to censure Transport Minister over cuts to weekend buses

Transport Minister Chris Steel’s shock announcement that he will cut weekend bus services demonstrates he is incapable of delivering the weekend bus network promised to Canberrans under Network19, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
“Tomorrow I will move a motion to censure Mr Steel for his failure to address the ongoing workforce planning issues in the Transport portfolio, and to deliver the weekend bus network as was promised to Canberrans,” Miss Burch said.
“Instead of addressing the weekend driver shortages, Mr Steel has chosen to break the promise made to Canberrans to deliver 70 per cent more services on weekends.
“This was a shock announcement, given that less than 48 hours earlier, the Government had committed to a one-month action plan to properly investigate and address the issues. The Minister did not raise service cuts as a potential solution.
“When a Minister fails to do their job, it is Canberrans who ultimately suffer. We have seen just how badly Mr Steel has made weekend commuters suffer over the past three months.
“We have seen it again and again from this arrogant and inept Labor-Greens Government; whenever it becomes too hard to solve a problem, Ministers just move the goal posts and move on. It’s not good enough,” Miss Burch said.