Better information and guidance for people searching for appropriate housing options to cater for those with disabilities should form part of an ongoing discussion at the ACT government level, Shadow Minister for Disability Elizabeth Lee said today.

“It was striking to read in the media over the weekend, about the struggles faced by those who live with disabilities and their difficulties in trying to find appropriate housing. It reinforced the need for the ACT government to do what’s possible to make the search a little bit easier,” Ms Lee said.

“It’s hard enough for most Canberrans to find a place to live, but the challenge in trying to find a place that can cater for various disabilities is enormous.

“I want to look further into this issue and discuss ways that we can make the process of finding appropriate accommodation for people living with disabilities, easier. We shouldn’t be afraid of having an all encompassing discussion about this issue,” Ms Lee concluded.

“This is yet another indicator that housing affordability is a major issue for so many in Canberra. Having a roof over your head is a basic human right, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for so many in this city to achieve,” Shadow Minister for Housing Mark Parton concluded.