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Shadow Minister for Health
Shadow Minister for Arts



Vicki was born in Lismore, NSW, and can trace her heritage back to the pioneering Italian families that settled near Lismore in the 1880s.

She studied at St Carthage’s School and St Mary’s College in NSW, before moving to the University of New England, Armidale, where she obtained a BA and Dip Ed studying languages and history. Since those early days, Vicki has been committed and active in community affairs. She has been involved in community radio for over thirty years, a commitment she keeps to this day as a weekend presenter for Canberra’s Radio for the Print Handicapped, 1RPH (1125 on the AM dial).

Vicki was a commonwealth public servant between 1979 and 1995, and served previous Chief Ministers of the ACT. Vicki is married and she and her husband Lyle have 5 children, ranging in age from 9 to 27 years. Her personal story has given her insights into the challenges facing many families.

Educating 5 children through both the government and non-government school systems, as appropriate to needs of each child, has shown her the strengths of each system.

Having 2 children with cystic fibrosis, she knows the pain of any need to wait to comfort a suffering child.

She has a strong interest and activity in local issues, such as her long term struggle for school communities against school closures, and her understanding and pursuit of environmental issues that can help every resident everyday.



Lord Patten: "Imagine what would happen if we [the UK] said the Bank of China and other Chinese banks in London must now say they support the British government's proposals on passports otherwise we'll stop allowing them doing business here."

Today, as Hongkongers brave prohibitions to commemorate the Tiananmen massacre, at the #Lithuanian Parliament we registered Resolution on Rights and Freedoms of Hong Kong People, signed by 36 MPs.
#StandWithHongKong #FreeHongKong #LithuaniaSupportsHongKong

“What Xi has demonstrated so far is that unless you stand up to bullies they go on bullying you.”


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