Pay more; wait longer; least satisfied

The ACT’s health system is still underperforming; with patient satisfaction is the worst in the country, emergency department waiting times lagging, while we pay more, according to the latest Report on Government Services (ROGS), Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Canberra health system is still languishing under ACT Labor and the new Minister Simon Corbell doesn’t seem to have any solutions. Patient satisfaction of nurses and doctors is the worst in the country across a range of indicators. It’s clear the government still isn’t giving our valued health professionals the resources they need to do their jobs well. On top of all this we’re the most expensive health system per capita,” Mr Hanson said.

“Emergency department waiting times are still dire. Only 61 percent of patients were seen within the recommended timeframes, well short of the 75 percent benchmark.

“The ACT health system has consistently performed poorly under ACT Labor’s management and I continue to hear regularly from Canberrans who are forced to deal with the problems.

“Katy Gallagher left the health system in a mess and I don’t have faith in Simon Corbell’s or the rest of the ACT Labor government’s ability to fix it. We pay more, wait longer and we’re less satisfied. That needs to change,” Mr Hanson concluded.