Andrew Barr has a range of questions to answer following revelations that police have expressed concerns about the handling of sensitive and confidential police information in former Minister Joy Burch’s office and revelations a second Labor staffer was involved, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“After a three month investigation into the conduct of former minister Burch’s office, there are fresh questions Andrew Barr must answer. He cannot ignore that the Chief Police Officer has this morning expressed concerns about how sensitive and confidential police information was handled by two Labor staffers,” Mr Hanson said.

“The matter has been referred back to the Chief Minister who must now explain in detail what has occurred inside his government, including:

What police information was leaked and to who specifically?

How did the ALP staffers receive the sensitive police information?

When was the information leaked and when did the Chief Minister become aware of the leak?

Was the second ALP staffer who has involved from Ms Burch’s office or another Minister’s office?

What action is the Chief Minister now going to take having had the issue referred to him by the AFP?

“This whole saga stinks and although criminal charges have not been laid, a Minister has resigned, two ALP staffers have been implicated and the police have raised concerns over how this issue has been handled.

“The ethical conduct of Andrew Barr’s government is in question and he must make a full and comprehensive explanation while also outlining what actions he will take if the public’s faith in the integrity of his government is to be restored,” Mr Hanson concluded.