Potential Blood Disease On Bus Exposes Lack Of Protections

Minister Rattenbury confirmed in Estimates that ACTION has no written procedures for handling contaminations on board buses, said Shadow Transport Minister, Alistair Coe.

Yesterday, it was revealed in the media that a person with a blood borne virus alerted ACTION to the fact that he may have bled on board a bus.

In an Assembly Committee today, Mr Coe asked whether there are documented procedures about how to handle such potential contaminations.

ACTION officials admitted there is no documented process about how to deal with these problems.

“The lack of a written procedure is a worry and limits the ability for ACTION to learn from mistakes and ensure that the potentially risky situation was handled properly,” Mr Coe said.

“There are serious concerns and unanswered questions about how ACTION handled the situation.

“I have been in touch with family of a passenger who said that they had received sub-standard information and support from ACTION.

“The Government does not seem to be taking this matter seriously.

“The revelation that there are no formal policies for how to deal with such contaminations demonstrates yet another short-coming for ACTION,” concluded Mr Coe.