Prioritise School Maintenance Following Spate of Incidents: Doszpot

The ACT Labor government needs to make sure school infrastructure is in appropriate condition for the safety of students and staff. It follows yet another emergency incident, this time at Belconnen High School, Shadow Minister for Education Steve Doszpot said today.

“Today we have seen another school evacuation with up to 450 students and staff forced to evacuate Belconnen High School. Reports suggest a faulty electrical switchboard caused a fire which is of major concern,” Mr Doszpot said today.

“Only earlier this month staff and students were evacuated from the Charles Condor Primary School following a gas leak while a gas leak also occurred on the same day at the Kingsford-Smith School in Holt.

“Also, earlier this year, an unknown electrical fault at the Gowrie Primary School resulted in a staff member being hospitalised. These incidents coupled with the asbestos discovery at Birrigai School indicate certain school infrastructure is failing.

“Minister Burch needs to get to the bottom of why these incidents keep occurring and make sure that they stop. The safety of students and staff is reliant on the Minister’s action.

“What’s more disappointing about today’s incident is that Belconnen High has been promised upgrades, but it appears ACT Labor is lagging behind,” Mr Doszpot concluded.