Prisoner Costs: More Expensive Than Five Star Hotel

The Productivity Commission Report on Government Services indicates that it costs the ACT $170,000 per prisoner per year, or $465 per day to house a prisoner. This is an appalling figure and equates to the nightly rate at a five star Canberra hotel, Shadow Minister for Corrections Andrew Wall said today.

“The ACT Labor Greens Government is spending almost $170,000 per year on each prisoner, which is more than 56 percent above the national average, with little in the way of return in outcomes,” Mr Wall said.

“To make matters worse the ACT Labor Greens Government is continuing to spend more, with another $1.2 million being spent in 2012-13 to assist in ‘meeting operational costs’ of the prison, with little focus on improving efficiencies.

“The outcomes continue to be poor for ACT prisoners, with the highest rates of serious assaults within the prisoner population in the country, prisoners in the ACT are five times more likely to be involved in a serious assault than the rest of Australia. ACT prisoners are also spending less time out of their cells on a daily basis.

“This latest data highlights the inability of the ACT Labor Greens Government to manage taxpayers’ money or achieve human rights aspirations,” Mr Wall concluded.