Prisoner Found With Alcohol And Knives in ACT Jail

A Freedom of Information document obtained by the Canberra Liberals has revealed a prisoner who attempted to escape the Alexander Maconochie Centre in August last year was intoxicated and was hiding alcohol and knives in his cell. ACT Shadow Corrections Minister Jeremy Hanson said that it is alarming that prisoners are not being searched upon their return to their cells, and is another example of poor management of the jail under ACT Labor.

“According to the documents, a prisoner who was on transitional release purchased alcohol on his way back to jail, and managed to get a half empty bottle back to his cell because he wasn’t searched,” Mr Hanson said.

“The prisoner was also found to be hiding knives. It’s seriously concerning that prisoners are being able to get such items into their cells and is further evidence of ACT Labor’s shocking management of the jail.

“Since ACT Labor’s sham half opening of the jail on the eve of the 2008 election, we’ve already seen retrofitting of cells because the place is full, misleading the Assembly that drug tests were being carried out when they weren’t, crisis support unit prisoners being able to stockpile methadone, and a blow out of the budget.

“Now, they’ve handed responsibility of the jail to one of the least competent Ministers in the Assembly.

“How can the ACT Labor Government even think about implementing a needle exchange program if they can’t get the most basic jail management right?” Mr Hanson concluded.