Protect Coombs Peninsula

The Canberra Liberals are calling for the Coombs Peninsula to be protected from multi-dwelling development.

Following the tabling of a petition of 559 residents, Liberal Member for Murrumbidgee Giulia Jones is calling on the Barr Labor-Greens Government to take Coombs Peninsula off the land release program and protect it from development.

“Coombs Peninsula is an important public asset shared by all the residents of Coombs and the Molonglo Valley,” Mrs Jones said.

“Coombs Peninsula is home to wildlife such as the rare pink-tailed worm-lizard and platypuses have been sighted by many local residents.

“The peninsula is used by many local residents to access the Molonglo River, to exercise or walk their pets, for kids to fly kites, play in the bush and general recreational enjoyment.

“Despite its importance to the community and the understanding of many that it would not be developed, the ACT Labor-Greens Government now plans to allow approximately 30 dwellings to be built on the Coombs Peninsula.

“Along with hundreds of Coombs residents, I am calling on the Government to protect the Coombs Peninsula and remove it from the land release program,” Mrs Jones said.