Radical Greens-Labor proposal turns animal-loving Canberrans into criminals

Radical laws tabled in the Assembly today target responsible, animal-loving pet owners and turn them into criminals.
The Canberra Liberals will closely examine this drastic and unjustified Greens-Labor legislation which assumes the worst of everyday Canberra animal owners and puts them at risk of jail time.
Canberrans adore their animals and care for them as much-loved members of the family. In rare cases of animal cruelty, Canberrans support the enforcement of our current laws.
Currently, a person convicted of animal cruelty in the ACT will face jail time and a $15,000 fine. This is an appropriate response to abhorrent behaviour.
What is not appropriate is for the Labor Party to change the definition of animal cruelty and dictate how often people must walk their dogs, how many dogs they walk and how they are groomed. At the bidding of the Greens, Canberrans will now face jail time and/or a $16,000 fine for driving with their dog unrestrained.
Canberrans do not need the government to tell them how to care for their pets.