Rattenbury Loses Credibility Over ACTEW

ACT Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson has slammed the lack of integrity and character of Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury after he refused to support an independent performance audit of ACTEW by the Auditor-General.

“Despite his rhetoric in the media at the ‘obscene’ rates of pay at ACTEW, Rattenbury today danced to the tune of his ACT Labor mates and gave in to their demands for no further scrutiny into an area that is of significant concern to the community,” Mr Hanson said today.

“This act of weakness strips Shane Rattenbury of any traces of independence he might have left, and casts serious doubts on the integrity of his comments in the media.

“Shane Rattenbury has talked tough about these matters, but when push came to shove he slinked away and did a deal behind closed doors with the Labor Party.

“The people of Canberra who clung to the hope that the Greens might genuinely offer ‘third party insurance’ had that hope shattered today. I think even the Greens’ supporters would be disgusted at this cowardly capitulation.

“Over and over again we have seen the Labor Party hide behind sham investigations and secret internal reviews. The reason Labor is continuing to get away with this is because the Greens party through Shane Rattenbury are willing accomplices.

“This shows beyond doubt that the Greens have sold out their principles. We have seen the Greens become the cheerleaders for this government, and now they have washed their hands of any pretence that they are interested in good governance.

“This is now a credibility problem for Shane Rattenbury who confected outrage in the media but went weak kneed when it came to standing up to the Labor Party in the Assembly,” Mr Hanson concluded.