Rattenbury should resign over prison failures

Andrew Barr’s hopeless Corrections Minister Shane Rattenbury has failed to stabilise and secure Canberra’s maximum-security prison. The Canberra Liberals are calling for Mr Rattenbury’s immediate resignation.
Under Mr Rattenbury’s watch, the prison has been embroiled in serial controversies including:

* Deaths in custody;
* Multiple escapes;
* Record rates of assaults against inmates and guards;
* A state of emergency following the discovery of a hole in the perimeter fence;
* The accidental release of a prisoner;
* High rates of illicit drug use;
* High methadone use without a methadone exit program;
* Overcrowding and inappropriate accommodation for women inmates;
* Low staff morale, with 93 resignations in three years; and
* 100 systemic failings compromising prison safety and rehabilitation as identified by the Inspector of Correctional Services in the Healthy Prison Review of the Alexander Maconochie Centre 2019.
“Every one of these failures undermines the human rights mandate of the Alexander Maconochie Centre,” Shadow Corrections Minister Giulia Jones said.
“Mr Rattenbury’s incompetence has exposed staff and the broader community to risk.
“He’s had seven years to secure the prison, instead the jail has become more dangerous. Mr Rattenbury needs to be replaced with a more capable and interested Minister,” Mrs Jones.