Shane Rattenbury’s purchase of negatively geared investment properties on Northbourne Avenue corridor may be in breach of the ‘Code of Conduct’. Given he has been making decisions in Cabinet that are intended to increase the value of Northbourne properties, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Mr Rattenbury has been privy to Cabinet-in-Confidence documents and has made decisions in Cabinet that could now lead to him making a significant profit from his recent investments,” Mr Hanson said.

“The stink around these investments is all the worse given that Mr Rattenbury and the Greens publicly oppose negative gearing as a policy.

“The ethical conduct of ministers is paramount and the public have a right to trust that decisions are being made in the public interest and not for personal gain.

“This calls into question if he has breached the Members Code of Conduct that requires:

‘Members should always act in the public interest, make decisions and choices on merit, and not seek to gain financial or other benefit for themselves, their family or friends.’

‘Not use information received by them as a Member that is not in the public domain in breach of any obligation of confidence applicable to their receipt of that information, or improperly for the private benefit of themselves or another person.’

“If Mr Rattenbury is returned to the Assembly next week, I will refer him to the Commissioner for Standards for investigation,” Mr Hanson concluded.