Real cost of light rail finally revealed

The real cost of the light rail launch party has finally been revealed, and it is much greater than the $100,000 figure the government originally reported, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
Under questioning by Miss Burch in Estimates hearings today, government officials confirmed the Labor-Greens Government spent $446,000 to throw a party launching light rail.
“There are so many Canberrans who are in considerable financial distress because of Labor’s unyielding rates hikes,” Miss Burch said.
“To learn that the Labor-Greens Government has spent almost half a million dollars of ratepayers’ money to throw a party is staggering.
“This is another example of how the government is so reckless with ratepayers’ money. That’s why the Canberra Liberals committed to freeze rates. People simply can’t afford ever-increasing rates.
“Let’s not forget the thousands of Canberrans who are living in poverty, or the thousands of Canberrans, including children, who have had their bus taken away from them because the government says they don’t need it.
“I think many Canberrans would be shocked at this unnecessary expense,” Miss Burch said.