Recycling graves would be troubling for many Canberrans

Recycling the graves of departed loved ones would be quite troubling for many Canberrans.
A dignified and respectful approach should be taken when honouring our departed loved ones. This concern should be paramount.
How we treat and honour our dead is one of the oldest cultural traditions that make us human. Burial customs have been honoured for millennia.
Canberrans do need to sensibly address the issue of properly planning spaces for cemeteries and crematoria.
While land within existing city limits might be in short supply, surely there are other options within the ACT and region.
What we need is to a range of options which will satisfy the varied needs of our multicultural society in honouring deceased relatives. Different communities have different needs and these all need to be respected.
Some people will still want to have graves in perpetuity which is what graves are currently understood to be. Other people may be happy with renewable tenure but to date this has not been without its issues elsewhere in Australia where it has been introduced.