Report Reveals Mistreatment Of Flynn Community

It has been revealed through a leaked consultant report that the John Flynn Community Group (JFCG) has been grossly mistreated over many years by Joy Burch’s Community Services Directorate. ACT Shadow Family and Community Services Minister Vicki Dunne said today the ACT Labor Government has let the Flynn community down at every turn and it is simply not good enough.

“The report, ‘A review of complaints raised by the John Flynn Community Group Inc’ by MindPath Consulting took years to complete, and ACT Labor has tried to hide it for months,” Mrs Dunne said.

“This is another damning review of Joy Burch’s Directorate and its bullying of a community group.

The Report found that Joy Burch’s Directorate:

  • ‘Misled the Chief Minister’ and the Minister for Community Services about the JFCG’s aims;
  • Gave evidence to the Legislative Assembly that contained inaccuracies;
  • Had no tender process for selecting tenants for the $4 million Flynn Childcare Centre;
  • Mismanaged and misrepresented the minutes of consultation meetings;
  • ‘Pursued its own agenda’ at the expense of the Flynn community;
  • ‘Failure to agree appropriate terms of reference’ for consultation;
  • Refused to negotiate with the JFCG on their proposal for the former Flynn Primary School;

“This report reveals the lengths Joy Burch was prepared to go to undermine and belittle the Flynn community.

“The disrespect goes back to the unsubstantiated decision to close the Flynn Primary School in 2006. Ever since then Flynn residents have been trying to get some community facilities in their suburb.

“Other community groups have described their treatment by Joy Burch’s Directorate as ‘institutionalised abuse’ this report outlines further instances of such abuse and it is simply unacceptable,” Mrs Dunne concluded.