Research report finds Australians want to improve adoption rates

Senator for the ACT Zed Seselja has today welcomed the Modern Families: Attitudes and Perceptions of Adoption in Australia research report, released by Adopt Change this morning. The report follows the Senate Inquiry into Out of Home Care which concluded last week in Parliament.

“This morning I helped launch the Adopt Change research report and spoke with other Australians who agree that adoption should be a more viable option for at-risk children,” Senator Seselja said today.

“The report suggests that there is an overwhelming sense from the community that Australia can be doing more for adoption by removing the red tape that currently makes it so hard.

“During 2013-14 there were just over 200 adoptions from within Australia. This rate is simply too low. During the same period there were over 50,000 children in arrangements including kinship care, foster care, and guardianship. A child can experience an average of 6 placements during their time in care.

“The uncertainty for these children can be extremely damaging as they are moved from home to home. Until we allow more adoptions within Australia too many kids will continue to be denied the benefits of genuine permanency.”

Senator Seselja last week joined Queensland Senator Joanna Lindgren in calling for the Federal Government to start the process of making adoption easier within Australia.

“I hope to see this Government take the lead on this issue and bring the states and territories together to make adoption a more viable option for at-risk children so more children get the new start they deserve,” Senator Seselja concluded.

The Modern Families: Attitudes and Perceptions of Adoption in Australia Report can be found via