Safety of children forced out of buses should be assessed

The safety of school children who have been kicked out of dedicated school buses and forced onto public routes should be assessed immediately, Shadow Transport Minister Candice Burch said.
Today in the Assembly, Miss Burch will call on Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris to release data assessing the impact of dedicated bus cuts on student safety by the last sitting week of August.
“Children as young as six are being forced onto the public network,” Miss Burch said.
“Many parents and teachers are nervous and angry about this.
“It is unwise to expect young and vulnerable school students to wait around at interchanges and catch multiple buses to school day in and day out without supervision. I’m not sure that the government has carefully considered the safety implications of this.
“Children are being exposed to unnecessary risk because of government policy. That is something that needs the immediate attention of the responsible minister.
“Parents and school communities need to know their children will be safe.
“Ms Fitzharris has the parents and children of the ACT to answer to,” Miss Burch said.
Miss Burch will also ask the government to release data assessing the impact of cuts on patronage and journey times, excluding data collected from the first month of free travel.