Same old tired thinking will set hospital back

This tired old government’s failure to plan for the health needs of our rapidly growing population is exposing the Canberra community to risk.

The latest site plan for the troubled SPIRE project will create transport chaos, expose young school children to risk and limit the future functionality of the ACT’s health services.

Once SPIRE is operational, ambulance will be required to access the busy emergency department via Gilmore Crescent and depart via Palmer Street.

The Barr Government has ignored families who are fearful for the safety of their young children who go to school on the proposed ambulance route to the new emergency department.

There were 19,649 ambulance arrivals at the Canberra Hospital emergency department in 2018-19. That’s around 54 ambulance arrivals per day.

Presumably, this would mean there were around 19,649 ambulance departures, amounting to roughly 108 ambulance trips per day in 2018-19.

Closing Hospital Road will add to the traffic chaos especially when there is no parking plan for patients self-presenting to the emergency department.

This plan will set us back. It will fail to meet the needs of our rapidly growing population, leaving the Canberra community vulnerable.

Canberrans are being taxed more than ever to service Labor’s $3 billion debt bomb. Many Canberrans are wondering where all the money has gone.

Canberrans cannot afford more of the same old tired thinking. Only the Canberra Liberals have a plan to future-proof health services for our growing City.