The February 2017 ACT Census shows a steady growth in enrolments across both government and non-government schools in Canberra, Shadow Minister for Education and Training Andrew Wall said today.
“The census highlights the typical desire of parents to have choice when it comes to selecting the best education for their children,” Mr Wall said.
“The growth in each sector also reiterates the need for the ACT Labor/Green government to support growth for both government and non-government school sectors.
“I am aware of growing concern around the availability of land set aside for a number of uses including for schools, particularly in new suburbs. The real concern is that families in the newer regions of Canberra will not have the choice that many in established suburbs currently enjoy.
“It is clear that families across the ACT are demanding a diverse range of options when it comes to educating our young people, they are demanding choice. It is the role of our local government to ensure this choice remains across the city.
“I call on the Minister for Education Yvette Berry to commit to maintaining a diverse range of education options for Canberra families to access, now and into the future,” Mr Wall concluded.