‘Schools for All’ recommendations should be implemented immediately

Recommendations on how to deal with students with complex behavioural issues should be implemented in all ACT schools as a matter of urgency, Shadow Minister for Education Andrew Wall said today.

The ‘Schools for All’ review was established after it was discovered in 2015 that a school in Canberra was using a two by two meter cage-like structure to deal with the challenging behaviours of an autistic boy. The review made 50 recommendations that were adopted by all school sectors.

“We are now two years down the track and up to 15 recommendations have still not been implemented,” Mr Wall said.

“While this work should never be a tick in the box exercise, it is crucial that bureaucracy does not get in the way of making real and vital changes.

“My motion today also calls on Minister Berry to demonstrate how ACT teachers and other staff are better equipped now than they were in 2015, to deal with students with complex needs and challenging behaviours.

“It is no secret that schools in Canberra have struggled for a long time to deal with the challenges that some students bring to the classroom.

“The implementation of all the ‘Schools for All’ recommendations will mean that parents of students with unique needs can have confidence that the highest standard and level of support is in place for their children,” Mr Wall concluded.