Senator Lundy Votes for Higher Electricity Prices

Today, Senator Kate Lundy along with her Labor colleagues voted for higher electricity prices for Canberrans. The Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013 (along with other carbon tax repeal legislation) failed to pass the Senate this morning due to a lack of support from Labor and the Greens.

“Senator Lundy has today voted to keep electricity prices high for Canberrans and allow them to continue to rise,” stated Senator Seselja.

The Carbon Tax Repeal legislation would have dismantled the carbon tax – an outcome strongly sought by Australians at the 2014 election.

The quarterly CPI figures released on 24 October 2012, the first since the Carbon Tax was introduced, saw a 15.3% rise in electricity. Household gas and miscellaneous fuels saw a 14.2% rise.

In Canberra, the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission stated explicitly that the removal of the price on carbon would cause ACT retail electricity prices to fall by about 12 percent.

“It just shows how out of touch Senator Lundy is with her community and the cost of living pressures on Canberra families. The carbon tax is really hurting families and businesses, and Senator Lundy has committed them to months more of higher prices,” concluded Senator Seselja.