Seselja Continues to Fight to Keep Jobs in Tuggeranong

During this morning’s Senate Estimates Hearings, Senator Zed Seselja used the opportunity to continue the fight to keep the Department of Social Services located in Tuggeranong.

The lease on the current Department of Social Services (DSS) building is due to expire this year, and due to reorganisation of the Department additional space is required. This has led to concerns amongst employees and businesses in the town centre that the Department may be moved.

“Keeping DSS in Tuggeranong is vital to ensuring the viability of many businesses in the Tuggeranong Town Centre,” said Senator Seselja. “Ensuring strong employment keeps this area vibrant and ensures families can continue to invest in the area with certainty about employment.”

Many DSS employees have chosen to build their lives around the location of the department – buying homes in the area, sending children to local schools and getting involved in local community activities.

Departmental officials confirmed in the Hearings today that the process for managing the accommodation was close to conclusion and a final decision would be made before the May budget. Senator Seselja put to officials and the Minister the importance of the Department staying in Tuggeranong.

The Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield also stated during the hearings, “Senator Seselja has been ceaseless in his prosecution of this issue and his lobbying efforts.”

It is important that we provide certainty and stability for members of the Tuggeranong community, and I will continue to fight to make this happen,” concluded Senator Seselja.