Seselja negotiates extra $57 million for ACT Schools

Liberal Senator for the ACT, Zed Seselja, has negotiated $57.9 million for the ACT to give local Catholic and Independent schools funding certainty and to assist with the transition to the new model while key reviews are undertaken.

This is on top of record Commonwealth funding for ACT non-government schools of $780 million over the next four years.

“Since the Turnbull Government’s Quality Schools reform package was announced in early May, I have been clear both publicly and privately about the unique effect of the SES model on ACT schools,” Senator Seselja said.

“I’m pleased that as a result of my advocacy, and the advocacy of others, the SES model will be reviewed as a priority by the new National School Resourcing Board.

“I have listened to parents, teachers, and school principals and I have been working to ensure that the Prime Minister and the Minister for Education and Training understand their concerns and the need for our schools to receive adequate resources that enable them to provide high quality teaching that delivers better student outcomes.

“The Prime Minister and Minister have listened and today I have been successful in delivering a package of support for our community that will ensure that Catholic and Independent Schools in Canberra can move forward with certainty and continue to thrive.

“With the package that I have negotiated over the last few weeks, ACT Catholic and Independent schools will benefit from $57.9 million over the next four years to assist with the transition to the new model.

“I support choice in education. I value the contribution Catholic and Independent schools make to our local education system and I am pleased that the Minister has listened to the concerns of Canberra families.

“The SES model will be reviewed over the next 12 months to consider how it can be improved. I am confident that this review will lead to a much better outcome in future for ACT Catholic and Independent schools.

“To further acknowledge the concerns expressed by the sector about whether the current SES model produces anomalous results, the Education Minister has also invited ACT non-government schools that wish to do so, to have their SES score reviewed.

“In addition to what I have negotiated for the non-government sector, Government schools in the ACT will receive record Commonwealth funding of $492 million over the next four years,” Senator Seselja concluded.



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