Shadow Minister for Sport, Mr Steve Doszpot, has called on Andrew Barr to immediately halt the proposed 54% increase in sports ground fees

Further to the Motion raised in the Assembly on Wednesday please note the following:

Extract from Doszpot speech on Motion: “On the one hand, we have clubs telling us that ground fees are a huge impost, and on the other, we have a minister who says they are a mere trifle. And to add insult to injury, there are no warnings, no consultation about any fee increases. The fees listed on the website notionally expired in September last year. But if you go to the website today to book a ground, they are the fees that you are directed to look at.

One large club that I met with only recently provided me with their paperwork and it showed very clearly just how much the fees had gone up. For their, sport, junior training fees per hour in 2010 were $1.70. In 2011 they jumped 135 per cent to $4. They went up again in 2012 another 4 per cent to $4.15, and this year from 1 April,  they will be now $6.40 an hour, an increase of 54 per cent from last year……..So in 2010, the fees were $1.70 an hour. In 2013, it is $6.40 an hour,  $6.40 an hour may not be a big deal in some people’s expectations, and obviously the minister is one of those, but to a club that has thousands and thousands of juniors that is trying to set fees for junior sport, for them to have a sudden 54 per cent increase makes it very, very hard for them to balance the books.”

“……… of even more concern is the total lack of consultation. Here we are, we are being told one thing by the department, the minister is telling us he has not signed off on it so there is obviously a mutiny in the department. That is all I can put it down to and mutinies can be put down several ways and Mr Barr we look forward as to seeing how you are going to handle this.  But no consultation, no review, no appeal. We believe the motion that we have put is reasonable. We do not accept the government’s amendments and we believe the motion is reasonable and ought to be supported…… To do otherwise demonstrates a cynical disregard for Canberra families and community sport.”

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